Interior Cover Sheet
Table of Contents
Chapter 1.0     Modified Proposed Project
Chapter 1.1     Modified Proposed Project/Ridgeway
Chapter 1.2     Modified Proposed Project/North Street
Chapter 1.3     Modified Proposed Project/Bryant Avenue
Chapter 2.0     Environmental Analysis
Chapter 2.1     Environmental Analysis: Modified Proposed Project/Ridgeway
Chapter 2.2     Environmental Analysis: Modified Proposed Project/North Street
Chapter 2.3     Environmental Analysis: Modified Proposed Project/Bryant Avenue
Chapter 3.0     Response to Comments
Chapter 3.1     RTC – Project Description
Chapter 3.2     RTC – Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy
Chapter 3.3     RTC – Geology, Soils and Topography
Chapter 3.4     RTC – Wetlands, Hydrology and Stormwater
Chapter 3.5     RTC – Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 3.6     RTC – Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 3.7     RTC – Visual Impact and Community Character
Chapter 3.8     RTC – Community Services and Facilities
Chapter 3.9     RTC – Infrastructure
Chapter 3.10   RTC – Socioeconomic Character and Fiscal Impacts
Chapter 3.11   RTC – Traffic and Transportation
Chapter 3.12   RTC – Air Quality
Chapter 3.13   RTC – Noise
Chapter 3.14   RTC – Hazardous Materials
Chapter 3.15   RTC – Construction
Chapter 3.16   RTC – Alternatives
Chapter 3.17   RTC – Mitigation
Chapter 3.18   RTC – Use and Conservation of Energy
Chapter 3.19   RTC – Growth Inducing Impacts
Chapter 3.20   RTC – Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources
Chapter 3.21   RTC – Unavoidable Impacts


A.   Traffic Management Plan
B.   Habitat Restoration Report
C.   Applicant’s Memo on Zoning
D.   Dam Modification Report
E.   Traffic
F.   Air Quality Idling Analysis
G.   Zoning Use Table
H.   MPP/North Street Stormwater Analysis

VISIM Model - Roundabout AM Peak Hour
VISIM Model - Roundabout PM Peak Hour
WPHS AM Peak with internal signal
WPHS PM Peak with internal signal